Our team loving members of staff understand this is a time of rapid growth and intense curiosity for your child. We’re here to provide everything your child needs to learn, express and make friends.


Through child-centred education, immersive play sessions and physical activities, your young one will discover new ways of accessing the world around them through arts and crafts and imaginative play.

Why Starchild Nurseries

With children being the future, at Starchild Nurseries we believe that they should be given everything they need to get the best start in life. This takes many forms, from excellent resources and amazing play areas, to a warm, friendly and safe environment that they’ll love visiting.

Our team members are dedicated to child-centred education. This involves putting each child in charge of his or her own learning path, allowing greater independence whilst fuelling motivation. Children crave responsibility from a very young age, so by giving them learner autonomy alongside adults that encourage questions and exploration, a passion for lifelong learning is adopted from the start.

Our Nurseries

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A fantastic setting based in the heart of North Yorkshire,

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A vibrant small nursery with big ideas in the centre of York


Due to this being the stage of life where the brain is growing exponentially and the mind wants to fill it up with information, children learn much faster than adults. They also remember facts and figures more effectively because of the positive learning environment in which they assimilate them.

Knowledge is power and its suitable application is wisdom. With this in mind, Starchild Nurseries are passionate about child-centred education, helping each pupil to learn in a way that suits them best.


Children need many forms of stimuli to keep their brains and bodies active. That’s why we provide a huge range of activities to enable the most enjoyable nursery experience around. From arts and crafts, storytelling and physical play, to activities that nurture hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition and logic, there’s always tons to do at Starchild Nurseries.

All of these activities have been designed for specific age ranges, also allowing flexibility for children with different abilities and personalities. This way we can ensure that every child is getting the most out of their time here by being creative and learning new skills alongside the more traditional education sessions.


Being able to communicate with other and make new friends is very important. By encouraging social interaction, openness, trust and respect from nursery age, children are far more likely to carry these life skills into adulthood.

Whilst friendship plays a large role at nursery, helping children to learn and have fun to the full, it also sets them up for many other things life will present. From sport and fitness to job interviews and social occasions, self-confidence and feeling comfortable around others is crucial to a happy life. Our team members are here to support natural friendships, sharing and teamwork, simultaneously providing an environment for independence and self-expression.


Whilst many children develop at the same speed, others have different rates. Meanwhile, this is rarely an overall pattern, as a child could be slower at learning the alphabet than their peers, yet excel at arts and crafts. This is why our team members are trained in understanding and nurturing individual development whilst encouraging group dynamics.

Whatever your child’s unique needs, behaviour, personality and areas of improvement, Starchild Nurseries will help them to thrive. This is achieved through a combination of child-centred education and play, giving each pupil an environment that is filled with possibilities as well as space to grow.